The Sustainable Events Programme

As you are here we hope you are considering holding your event in the city of Brighton & Hove and that you’re interested in doing it in a sustainable way. As part of our ISO 14001 / ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Programme we have developed resources to support you to do that.

Take the Sustainable Event Commitment

Events of any size can sign up to our Sustainable Event Commitment. By signing up, you commit to take actions that improve sustainability at your event. In return you can use the 'approved sustainable event' logo on your event marketing materials and if we think you’ve achieved your aims after the event is complete, we will award you a certificate.

Which actions to take

Just choose ten or more actions and from any of the sections in this document: Energy & Water, Travel & Transport, Waste & Recycling, Food & Beverage, Suppliers & Products and Community, Health & Culture.

Why make the Sustainable Event Commitment?

By making the commitment, you can publicly show everyone involved with your event that you have taken actions to manage it in a responsible way and you have chosen products and services that have a positive local economic and social impact. Some of the actions you will take will save you money too.

Sustainable Event Report

Also, you can request an Event Sustainability Report for you after the event. It will contain details of the actions you’ve taken and data from the building about energy use, water use or anything else we can help you measure.

Further information

Visit the main Sustainable Events Page to download the Sustainable Event Commitment for Conferences and access other support including guides for outdoor events and meetings.

Any questions, please contact your venue Event Manager or call 01273 292671