Brighton Centre Earth Hour

Events are a vital part of our city’s economy; attracting visitors and making this a vibrant place to live and visit. The city’s Sustainable Events Programme provides support to anyone organising an event to minimise negative impacts and maximise benefits to the environment, people and the local economy.

The Sustainable Events Programme has achieved two world class International Standards for Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Sustainable Events (ISO 20121). We offer a range of services to make it easy for you to organise a more sustainable event and by taking just a few simple steps, you and your delegates will be helping secure a sustainable future for everyone.

Our Sustainability Policy outlines the commitments and targets for all events and venues owned by Brighton & Hove City Council.

We launched our programme with ‘Sustainable Events: The Future & You’ at the Brighton Centre in association with Conference News, the ABPCO and AVT Connect. We discussed, debated and networked with our industry colleagues on the continuing Hot Topic of Sustainability. For more information about the event please go to Sustainable Events: The Future and You