Stewards - Reception

When we first started reaching out to Brighton venues to enquire about the possibility of holding a PC-focused preview event to demo future products to 70 or so delegates we weren’t short of options, but negotiations continued with multiple venues we realised the Brighton Centre was really the only space in Brighton which met the wired internet network needs we required at the event.

As you might imagine, our first impression of the conference centre/concert venue was that it was surplus to our requirements, but thanks to guidance from BC’s talented staff on all manner of subjects including catering, AV, crowd dispersal and other considerations we altered the space to meet our needs. We had ample access to the venue prior to the event allowing an opportunity to tailor and customise the space to our needs. By all accounts with held an event which impressed attendees and staff alike. In short, we couldn’t be happier with the service Brighton Centre provided.

Andy Griffiths, Contractor & PR Manager, NCSOFT
  • Event: Guild Wars 2 Infuencer Event
  • Date: February 2015

The staff at the Brighton Centre have been excellent every year I’ve attended. I must especially thank Don Hurley and Imogen Lee for their help – outstanding.

Patrick Grace, Conference Organiser
  • Event: CIH South East Conference
  • Date: March 2015