Simoco Radio Systems

As part of the Brighton Centre’s technology upgrade programme, which has been running alongside the interior refurbishment, we’ve recently installed Flare Audio’s X5 speakers and Q18 bass units into Auditorium 1. Maybe not the most obvious of part of our refurbishment (you have to look really hard at the ceiling 14 metres up to see it!) but still a really exciting project which has allowed for a further enhanced organiser and delegate experience at the venue, after all being able to hear the speaker through a first class sound system is rather important really, isn’t it?

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August…. and another venue refurbishment!

August is a quiet month for the Brighton Centre. It is the time when any necessary venue maintenanceMickey Mouse gets fully under-way. We are currently undergoing another internal venue change; we will have our long –awaited fully accessible, internal entrance to the Syndicate Wing! This will mean that delegates will NOT need to go outside anymore in all weathers to get to their breakout sessions in Syndicates 1 – 4. This is a huge step for us and we are thoroughly chuffed that once again our venue staff are doing us proud. Our Buildings Manager Ian Hardy along with his team have worked solidly and effortlessly to get this project under-way and happen. Continue reading

Brighton Centre Fam Trips

The Script BCBrighton is a great place to relax as well as do business, and at the Brighton Centre we see both sides of this. Not only do we play host to multiple bustling conferences throughout the year, we also often hold crowds of fans eager to see their favourite act. The venues 14 “backstage” meeting rooms double up as dressing rooms during live entertainment and their walls are adorned with amazing photographs of stars that have previously graced the venues stage including Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, BB King and more recent acts such as The Killers and Lily Allen. Continue reading

Long Standing Clients

Helpful StaffThis week we hosted the 41st British Nuclear Medicine Society Annual Meeting. Delighted to say it went incredibly well and the sun finally made an appearance! As always it put huge smiles on our faces to see delegates strolling along the seafront getting a much needed Vitamin D top up.

The British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) is the only independent forum devoted to all aspects of Nuclear Medicine.

Established in 1966 as the Nuclear Medicine Society, its membership includes the clinicians dealing with the medical speciality, clinical scientists, radiopharmacists, other scientists, nuclear medicine technologists and nurses.

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2012: Year Review

It’s now a year since we finished our major refurbishment project, and we’re delighted to report – we’ve had a really amazing response with very promising figures!

Despite the challenging financial times, in an ever growing competitive market, we’ve managed to secure an incredible amount of business, and perhaps most importantly, seen many repeat bookings from new and long-term clients.

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Firstly, we’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Our New Year has certainly got off to a terrific start, as, it is with great pleasure that we can today announce…we’ve been shortlisted in the M&IT Awards! We are absolutely delighted and would like to thank all of our clients, visitors, staff and colleagues for your support over this past year that has enabled us to make it into the final five for the ‘Best Value for Money Conference Venue’ category.

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Recycle: to convert (waste) into reusable material

A hot topic in the UK at the moment is the idea of green lifestyles, eco companies and using renewable technologies. At the Brighton Centre, we think this goes beyond the energy we consume, to the buildings within which we work and live.

 You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Brighton & Hove is ranked within the top 5 greenest cities in the UK. With this comes great responsibility to ensure our City keeps its place in the leader boards, as well as prove itself to a national and global audience.

As you may or may not know, last year we underwent a huge refurbishment project. “What’s so green about that?” I hear you ask. In our opinion, it’s the best form of recycling. We’re all used to recycling our rubbish, so why not extend this to our properties? Continue reading

Access All Areas

Since 1995, the Equality Act has helped to protect the rights of disabled people, preventing discrimination ensuring they are in equal positions in term of employment, education, as well as access to goods, services and facilities. This means that all venues must be DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) Compliant. 

We pride ourselves as one of the best purpose-built conference venues in the UK, and with this, we accept the responsibility to adapt our facilities accordingly, in order to meet the demands of the Equality Act.

As our General Manager, Howard Barden, recently explained: “At the Brighton Centre, our aim is to treat everyone as an equal, without persecution for differences or limitations. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the Centre meets the needs of the Equality Act and is DDA compliant. In regards to this, and in particular since our renovation, the feedback we have received has been excellent, and we look forward to continuing this theme and developing the Centre to provide equal opportunities for all.” Continue reading

Keeping Your Promises…

When we were in the middle of our million pound refurb last year, we were still busy talking with conference organisers about the prospects of hosting their event in our soon to be spruced-up venue.

We knew that we had to convince organisers to buy into our vision, and trust us that the venue would deliver on everything we said it would.  That took a heap of confidence on their part, but we’re delighted and very satisfied to say that those organiser who did confirm with us when, the BC did not look its greatest, are being rewarded.

Take the Association of British Neurologists (ABN) as an example.

Our refurb was far from complete when the ABN signed up to host their Annual Conference at the Centre. Rightly, they paid numerous visits to the venue to check on the progress of works, and make sure everything was progressing on schedule and that we’d be ready for their event in May of this year.

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As you may have seen from our first in the advert series, our latest campaign doesn’t simply focus on our attributes as a venue, but instead celebrates our staff. The second in the series showcases Bruno Esteves, one of our dedicated venue services team.

As anyone within the events industry will know, every magazine targeting organisers and association heads in the UK will see plenty of adverts and profiles for various venues, all claiming to offer similar services and facilities, which, can become repetitive and hard to distinguish between. Despite our newly polished interior, we have decided we have a better features to offer – one that very few people could beat – the staff who make up the Brighton Centre family.

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