August…. and another venue refurbishment!

August is a quiet month for the Brighton Centre. It is the time when any necessary venue maintenanceMickey Mouse gets fully under-way. We are currently undergoing another internal venue change; we will have our long –awaited fully accessible, internal entrance to the Syndicate Wing! This will mean that delegates will NOT need to go outside anymore in all weathers to get to their breakout sessions in Syndicates 1 – 4. This is a huge step for us and we are thoroughly chuffed that once again our venue staff are doing us proud. Our Buildings Manager Ian Hardy along with his team have worked solidly and effortlessly to get this project under-way and happen. Continue reading

Brighton Centre Fam Trips

The Script BCBrighton is a great place to relax as well as do business, and at the Brighton Centre we see both sides of this. Not only do we play host to multiple bustling conferences throughout the year, we also often hold crowds of fans eager to see their favourite act. The venues 14 “backstage” meeting rooms double up as dressing rooms during live entertainment and their walls are adorned with amazing photographs of stars that have previously graced the venues stage including Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, BB King and more recent acts such as The Killers and Lily Allen. Continue reading

Tips to make the most of your time at Conference

It’s so easy over summer, be it thanks to the extreme planning of the school holidays, too much sunshine (we wish) or general time away from the office, to fall out of swing with work.

After a summer of maintenance in the venue and lots of fresh paint we’ve just spent the last week hosting the TUC Congress 2012 and what a jolt back to reality it was; hosting such a huge conference with 1,000’s of delegates with press eyes firmly fixed on what is being discussed in our main Auditorium. I am of course delighted to say that conference was a great success and the staff here once again excelled in the planning and delivery of the event. Continue reading

Council of Europe takes centre stage

It has been a positive few months since the reveal of the ‘brand new’ Brighton Centre post the refurbishment, which was
For those less familiar, the Council of Europe brings together 47 member states, representing over 800 million citizens, to discuss some of the most important topics and reforms within Europe. Each country in turn chairs the presidency of the Council. The recent meeting which was hosted at the Centre was one of the most significant of our reign as the term came to a close.completed in January. Firstly we secured the Labour Party Conference for 2013, and then we were invited to host the penultimate Council of Europe meeting in April 2012.

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The reason I’m a little bit addicted to coffee…

It feels like an age since I’ve written a blog so as we say goodbye to the month of May I thought I’d give you a little insight into why I’ve been so quiet.

The last month (and a bit) have been an amazing time here in Brighton and at the Brighton Centre. I think my real coffee addiction started the week before we hosted the Council of Europe conference back in April.
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Travel with Ease

Why Brighton over London?

London is often thought of as the hub for all business conferences and exhibitions, due to the convenience and accessibility. This often means that other locations, such as Brighton, are sadly overlooked.

Due to the accessibility of the City, Brighton offers great potential as a major player in the business world. With increased stresses on the London travel network, Brighton is becoming a far more appealing option for many. Continue reading

Promettes guide to Confex

I am back in the office after my two day stint at Confex; and what a great one it was! The stand is absolutely amazing; giving people interactive walking tours of Brighton via a touch screen map is a fantastic way to explain how compact and beautiful it is, especially when following with a 3D site visit of the Brighton Centre from the comfort of their seat.

The VisitBrighton stand is buzzing and the enquiries are flooding in; although I’d love to be there again today I’m rather glad to be sat back at my desk as my voice has disappeared from all the meetings I had (so if you’re planning on enquiring with us today please email me).

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

As we all wind down, looking forward to the Christmas break, the annual, Christmas in Brightonfestive resolve NOT to eat too much can be heard throughout the office,

albeit in slightly half hearted tones.

For some delegates spending time away at a conference can inadvertently turn out to be a great way to lose festive flab, but unfortunately Brighton has a huge advantage over other venues – it has a tonne of restaurants, gastro bars, and specialist food outlets only minutes from it’s (new) front doors. Continue reading