Making your conference sustainable

BH4I6978Top Tips:

At the Brighton Centre we are passionate about creating more sustainable events. If there are ways to improve an event by making it more sustainable, we will do it. This year we held our first Sustainable Event: The Future and You, and industry debate around where we (as an industry) are in terms of sustainability, it was a great success.

We have put together a few helpful tips for those of you who are planning to make your event more sustainable. Hopefully with our simple guidelines, you can see how easy it is to make small changes, which will lead to a more sustainable event and ultimately reduce your environmental, social and economic impact.

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Be colour aware when picking out your conference outfit

Colourful Beach HutsIt’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, I can actually hear people having an awesome time on the beach from my desk and I thought to myself – when was the last time you wrote a blog? It feels like ages ago and I fancy rambling on like those drinking down on the prom.

Avid readers of our blogs will know that I’m quite keen on researching into colour, psychology, food and social stance at conference; after all conferences and events are about people meeting people. You can see some of them here.

So, I decided I’d like to write another blog about colour but then I got worried that I actually only just wrote one about colour and people might get bored. Turns out I wrote that blog in August last year! Time has serious flown by… it must be something about summer and seeing people wearing more than just black and the sky not just different shades of grey that gets me thinking about it.

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Use Twitter to help your conference

Twitter LogoOne of the largest social media platforms for businesses to market their activities would be twitter however, it’s important to use it in creative ways to stand out from the 554,750,000 users currently on twitter.

A key method of linking information to followers is through Hasghtags, it may seem simple however the power behind this little symbol can often be overlooked. It enables tweets to be far more accessible to the wider social network and twitter accounts who aren’t followers will be able to “stumble” upon tweets more often. Continue reading

Juggling your Business and Home Life

We work in an industry which requires us to spend so much time away from Juggling-Motherhood-and-a-Business-Try-These-Time-Management-Tips-275x296home that I’ve decided to look at whether it’s possible to integrate your conference trip with a family break at the same time. These days so much of our time can be spent attending business conferences that are often far from home that we can forget it may affect the people we leave behind.

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Are lead-in times getting shorter?

It’s been a funny old year for bookings at the Brighton Centre… not for bookings themselves, that’s all incredibly positive with events confirming between January and December 2012 worth over £150 million to the local economy and enquiries up by up 175% in October 2012 in comparison to October 2011 plus the overall increase in value for potential events has also risen by 410%. But instead with how we see our diary form and how, in turn, we have to manage it. We’re noticing two types of trends with organisers; those who book multiple years far into the future (we’ve got clients confirmed for 2024) but also a significant trend towards companies booking events and conferences with increasingly shortened lead times.

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Food for Thought: Top 10

Food for Thought: Top 10Last week I wrote about what food to serve to your delegates during conference to promote a healthy and happy brain, and to help keep your delegates engaged from morning through until the end of the day. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet check it out.

I spent hours scouring the internet looking for idea and tips on how to maximize your brain power and enjoyed it so much we’ve decided to take it even further and put together a list of the best food for thought out there.

So, if you want to keep your mind sharp and nourished here are 10 highly effective brain foods that improve memory, mood, concentration, and overall clarity.

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Food for Thought

Food for ThoughtWell, it’s a month after New Year and the resolutions that come with. How are yours going? For the first time ever I’ve actually managed to keep a few going, mainly because rather than saying to myself “this is my resolution and from now on I will not do x, y and z” – setting myself up for a failure, I decided to make some life style changes and work them into my daily routine.

For me it was about giving myself time to eat ‘’proper’’ meals at the right time of day and to spend 3 mornings a week at the gym before work – realistic targets that are going very well indeed.

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Tips to make the most of your time at Conference pt. 2: Social Events

We really enjoyed putting together our tips fora successful time away at conference so we’ve put our heads back together to think purely about how to get the most out of social events.

One of the main reasons that people site for attending a conference is the networking opportunities; making the social events more than just a drinking session! I remember being at an ICCA event years ago and being told that you will find out more from conference during your time at the bar then at sessions and you know what, it’s true. Peoples barriers come down in more social atmospheres be it over breakfast in the hotel or a glass of wine at a gala dinner so check out the tips below fora successful time at your networking events or gala dinner. Remember to read the conference tips first too as they also apply to this situation but mainly these are the ones that are the most important to keep in mind when at a social event;

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Tips to make the most of your time at Conference

It’s so easy over summer, be it thanks to the extreme planning of the school holidays, too much sunshine (we wish) or general time away from the office, to fall out of swing with work.

After a summer of maintenance in the venue and lots of fresh paint we’ve just spent the last week hosting the TUC Congress 2012 and what a jolt back to reality it was; hosting such a huge conference with 1,000’s of delegates with press eyes firmly fixed on what is being discussed in our main Auditorium. I am of course delighted to say that conference was a great success and the staff here once again excelled in the planning and delivery of the event. Continue reading

Psychology of Colour

There’s a great article in this month’s Conference News (pg 22 – 26) about your personal brand and how this can help get you further in the industry. Creating a ‘’look’’ for yourself can most certainly get you remember but equally understanding how to dress for clients. In that blurry eyed, morning state you need to be thinking about your day ahead; the choice you make regarding the days attire does have an important influence.

Now, I’m not a morning person so always lay my clothes out the night before, thinking really carefully about who I am meeting and what they will expect of me. Always ensuring I dress to reflect this and secure a positive reaction in that all important first impression is vital, especially as a young twentysomething female when meeting with my peers and people so high up in their field. But what is my brand? Well… if you took a look under my desk you’d click pretty quickly. There are about 10 pairs of incredibly high heeled shoes and none of them are black but instead each different colour of the rainbow or with a stand out prints or pattern. High shoes are definitely my signature look – it is now expected of me at work and amongst my colleagues in Brighton, if I wear flats people look at me with shock… that and if I am not wearing black. So according to the colour chart in the piece for CN (pg 26) my choice to always be in black means I am giving off vibes of; elegance, authority, sophistication, mystery and dignity – I can live with that.

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