Brighton Centre Sustainability Certificate Presentation

Staff and city stakeholders gathered at the Brighton Centre at the end of January for the presentation of ISO 14001 & ISO 20121 certificates by James Gibb, Chief Executive of AJA Auditors to Ollie Sykes, Deputy Chair of the council’s Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee.Sustainability Certificate handover 24 Jan 2014

We are celebrating becoming the first local authority to be awarded two major international standards for environmental management and sustainable events.
The certificates were awarded for the reducing the environmental impact of events in venues including the Brighton Centre and at outdoor events on council owned land.

The Sustainable Events Programme has been providing practical support for event organisers for over four years. It helps build links between organisers and local suppliers and make targeted investments in buildings to reduce running costs and improve visitor’s experience through new technology such as LED lighting.

Ollie Sykes, Deputy Chair of the council’s Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee said: “Convincing event organisers that they should do things differently to reduce environmental impacts can be a challenge. The Sustainable Events Programme shows how they can do this in a way where everybody wins – local suppliers get more business, people at events get a better experience, the cost of running buildings is reduced and the icing on the cake is that it all helps protect the environment, both locally and globally.”

Penny Parker, Venues Business & Operations Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council said: “I’m pleased that the council’s long standing commitment to supporting event organisers to put on events that are good for the environment, the community and the local economy of our city is being recognised today.

Our aim is to help turn an organisations own ethical, social or environmental values into practical and visible elements of their event; such as running clubs, making links to a chosen charity or specifying fair-trade food and giveaways.

For more Information please go to:

Brighton & Hove Sustainable Events Programme and  ISO 20121 & ISO 14001

Shelaine Siepel
Sustainability Consultant, Brighton & Hove City Council

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