Did someone say Christmas is coming?!

I love it. It’s that time of year again; houses are lit up with an array of sparkly coloured lights, illuminated reindeer christmasand snowmen are sitting quietly in gardens and the words ‘Santa, Please Stop Here’ outside many front doors. You know what I’m talking about; its CHRISTMAS and I LOVE IT!!!

It’s a time where you can really kick back, relax and enjoy your time at home with those you love and cherish. If you have young children it is just the best time (in my opinion), when they see the presents under the tree, the stockings full of gifts; the look on their face when they open their presents gives such an amazing, content, heart-warming feeling inside and out. The pure delight and happiness on their little smiling face is just a joy to see. I have two children, a 17 year old and a 4 year old, they both love Christmas, they show their excitement in quite different ways, but both brimming with delight and elation of what the day ahead will bring.

Presents and sparkly lights aside, I am very aware not to let my children forget why we celebrate Christmas, and why we give presents. My youngest has just started school and is starting to really understand the nativity story; he loves to tell me all about how the Three Wise Men followed the star, where they travelled to and who they found in the Manger. It’s wonderful and so important to keep alive in their minds what Christmas is all about and why we celebrate it, so they are sure to pass it onto their children.

If you don’t have children, then an amazing time is still a dead cert for sure, in fact a bonus is, and my non-child sister will back this up, you won’t get that early Christmas morning wake up call from an excited little person! (That actually makes me a teeny-tiny bit envious!) A chilled out peaceful day is that of choice; doing very little, or as much as you want to do indeed. One thing I do know is that whether its one with children or without, Baileys or an alternative of your preference with a similar alcohol level will be consumed and THOROUGHLY ENJOYED! Cheers!

We mustn’t forget about those who maybe don’t have family or live far away from them, Christmas is the perfect time for others to do something good for the community; there are people living on the streets during this cold time, with no family but rely on the “good hearted” individuals that help out during Christmas. Maybe it’s your turn this year to be one of those kind-hearted people. It is something that I’ve yet to do, but intend to do in the not too distant future that’s for sure.

Lastly but certainly not least, there will be plenty of people working to “keep Britain moving” – flights still take off, people will be in hospital and police still need to maintain the law.

Whatever you are doing over Christmas, spare a thought for those who are working, those that are not so privileged and those that are no longer with us, but of course make sure you enjoy whatever you are doing!

If you fancy doing something a bit different and getting out of the house for an afternoon over Christmas, here at the Brighton Centre we are delighted to have the award winning; international smash hit musical SCROOGE from the 23 December – 4 January; a heart-warming family story, featuring Tommy Steele as Ebenezer. It is an ideal family show to come and see over the festive period. To find out further information and book tickets please click here

Whatever you are doing over the Christmas holidays, from the Sales Team and all of the Brighton Centre staff, we wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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