Latest News: National Union of Teachers pick the Brighton Centre

The Brighton Centre has announced that it has secured the opportunity to host the 2014 and 2016 National Union of Teachers Conferences.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) is made up of teachers in primary and secondary education from across the UK. Working on behalf of its 300,000 members, the Union helps to ensure fairness and equality in terms of employment and working conditions. Its annual conference, which will take place next year at the Brighton Centre, will allow all members from the Union to meet and discuss current issues in the education sector.

“We are delighted to be able to welcome the NUT back to Brighton,” explains Howard Barden, Head of Tourism & Venues at Brighton & Hove City Council. “Since the NUT’s previous event held at the Centre, we have undertaken an extensive refurbishment. With many different aspects to the conference, our facilities are now able to make the proceedings more comfortable and convenient. We are also able to offer more spaces for meeting and workshops, alongside additional breakout and exhibition areas.”

The NUT Conference, which takes place in 2014 between the 19-22 April, will bring 1,800 delegates to the City over the course of the event. “Our Annual Conference is a major part of our Union’s calendar,” explains Karen Handley, the Union’s Conference Organiser. “It allows Union members to gather and debate education policy.”

With a broad range of members traveling from across the country, the Brighton Centre is the ideal place to meet, only a 50 minute train journey from central London, and situated on the historic seafront of Brighton and Hove. Alongside the ease of access, the modern facilities allow delegates an enjoyable and interactive experience, with free high-speed Wi-Fi installed throughout the site. The refurbishment has also seen the expansion of useable space within the venue.

For more information on the Brighton Centre’s conferencing and exhibition facilities, please contact the conference team directly on 01273 292643.

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