Simoco Radio Systems

As part of the Brighton Centre’s technology upgrade programme, which has been running alongside the interior refurbishment, we’ve recently installed Flare Audio’s X5 speakers and Q18 bass units into Auditorium 1. Maybe not the most obvious of part of our refurbishment (you have to look really hard at the ceiling 14 metres up to see it!) but still a really exciting project which has allowed for a further enhanced organiser and delegate experience at the venue, after all being able to hear the speaker through a first class sound system is rather important really, isn’t it?

During September we also upgraded our radio system, replacing the professional mobile radio (PMR) system with the latest digital standard. The Simoco Xd from the digital mobile radio (DMR) range by Simoco. We first used it at the Labour Party Conference; the perfect opportunity to trial the new system as excellent communication across a 2 venue site with 10,000 delegates is rather vital! Delighted to say it worked perfectly and is now in use for all events at the venue.

We’re  already reaping the benefits of having a DMR system installed. With exhibitions, concerts and conferences being held back to back at the Centre it is critical to have good communication across all department. The benefits of a DMR system include:

  • Simultaneous calls for user groups
  • No queuing and interoperability within the system, allowing extra capacity for external users during busy periods
  • More reliable coverage, up to the edge of the signal range
  • Coverage can reach some of the local hotels to maintain communication with organisers even when away from the venue
  • Better signal increases public safety and efficient operational management

So yes, it may not seem like the most exciting part of the venues refurbishment programme but radio communication is absolutely critical to the safe and successful management of the venue. We’ve recently invested heavily in technology and we’re one of the first venues to provide Free Delegate Wi-Fi. With the upgrade to DMR we will have reliable two-way push-to-talk radio communications through the site benefiting all our clients’ events and adding further to the venues offer, be it a little more ‘behind the scenes’.

If you are interested in hearing more about what the Brighton Centre could offer to your event please do not hesitate to contact us.

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