So this week has flown by, especially as it started for me on Sunday!

We were attending the Event Organisers Summit at Whittleberry Hall in Northamptonshire, which is a great way to meet clients, but is essentially speed dating for business!

As a supplier you get to choose your shortlist of clients that you wish to see, they decide if they like the look of you and put you on their list. The organisers then put your schedule together for two days and off you go.

It’s a great way to meet prospective clients and talk to them about what improvements we’ve been doing here and find out if their event needs would fit in the venue.

I had some great conversations with Virgin Atlantic, WSPA, The International Food and Wine Society and Bioscientifica amongst others, and the gala dinner was lots of fun too (I think we had the best table, the naughty one right at the back!).

These kind of events seem to becoming more popular as the landscape of exhibitions and networking events seems to be changing, what with the emergence of shows such as the Meetings Show UK and the networking meets an exhibition type of show such as the BNC’s global event.

It really does emphasize the importance of getting out there to meet prospective clients and also to reenergise previous relationships with clients. I guess we never know when needs might change.

We have a busy September coming up; we have hosted two medical conferences so far this month and we’re looking forward to welcoming the Labour Party back at the end of the month. All preparations are going well so watch this space!


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