So this week has flown by, especially as it started for me on Sunday!

We were attending the Event Organisers Summit at Whittleberry Hall in Northamptonshire, which is a great way to meet clients, but is essentially speed dating for business!

As a supplier you get to choose your shortlist of clients that you wish to see, they decide if they like the look of you and put you on their list. The organisers then put your schedule together for two days and off you go.

It’s a great way to meet prospective clients and talk to them about what improvements we’ve been doing here and find out if their event needs would fit in the venue. Continue reading

Making your conference sustainable

BH4I6978Top Tips:

At the Brighton Centre we are passionate about creating more sustainable events. If there are ways to improve an event by making it more sustainable, we will do it. This year we held our first Sustainable Event: The Future and You, and industry debate around where we (as an industry) are in terms of sustainability, it was a great success.

We have put together a few helpful tips for those of you who are planning to make your event more sustainable. Hopefully with our simple guidelines, you can see how easy it is to make small changes, which will lead to a more sustainable event and ultimately reduce your environmental, social and economic impact.

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