Here at the Brighton Centre we are very pleased to announce our latest business win, which is set to bring in an estimated impact of £2.4 million to our city.

The Chartered InstitutCIH SE Banner 526 x 209pxe of Housing (CIH) have confirmed that they will be holding their 2014, 2015 and 2016 South East Conference and Exhibition at the Brighton Centre. What makes the news even better is that they booked after attending the Centre’s Ultimate Site Visit last summer. Continue reading

Power of the retweet

I am a regular user of twitter and frequently make use of the re-tweet, favourite and follow twitter_resizeoptions. However I do ask myself, what does it all actually mean? In this post I will focus on the power of the retweet feature that twitter provides its users.

Retweeting is when you choose to share content with your twitter followers, by re-posting someone else’s tweet. If you decide to retweet, it indicates that you believe the tweet contains interesting content, which you deem suitable for your followers. A retweet is the same as a normal tweet with a 140 character allowance, and will appear in your feed. It is important to remember not to get retweet happy, as continuously retweeting will saturate your twitter feed which may irritate your followers and create annoyance, especially if the content is not of any relevance. Continue reading

August…. and another venue refurbishment!

August is a quiet month for the Brighton Centre. It is the time when any necessary venue maintenanceMickey Mouse gets fully under-way. We are currently undergoing another internal venue change; we will have our long –awaited fully accessible, internal entrance to the Syndicate Wing! This will mean that delegates will NOT need to go outside anymore in all weathers to get to their breakout sessions in Syndicates 1 – 4. This is a huge step for us and we are thoroughly chuffed that once again our venue staff are doing us proud. Our Buildings Manager Ian Hardy along with his team have worked solidly and effortlessly to get this project under-way and happen. Continue reading

Be colour aware when picking out your conference outfit

Colourful Beach HutsIt’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, I can actually hear people having an awesome time on the beach from my desk and I thought to myself – when was the last time you wrote a blog? It feels like ages ago and I fancy rambling on like those drinking down on the prom.

Avid readers of our blogs will know that I’m quite keen on researching into colour, psychology, food and social stance at conference; after all conferences and events are about people meeting people. You can see some of them here.

So, I decided I’d like to write another blog about colour but then I got worried that I actually only just wrote one about colour and people might get bored. Turns out I wrote that blog in August last year! Time has serious flown by… it must be something about summer and seeing people wearing more than just black and the sky not just different shades of grey that gets me thinking about it.

Continue reading