The Brighton Centre Looks Forward to a Sustainable Event’s Future

Here at the Brighton Centre, we are looking forward to hosting our upcoming ‘Sustainable Events: The Future and You’ event on Wednesday 5th June.

The one-day forum is designBrighton Centre Sustainable Evented to provide conference and exhibition organisers with the opportunity to share insights, experiences and learn how to plan and run and event whilst minimising the impact on the environment and generating greater excitement, better audience engagement and improved value for money.

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Brighton Centre Fam Trips

The Script BCBrighton is a great place to relax as well as do business, and at the Brighton Centre we see both sides of this. Not only do we play host to multiple bustling conferences throughout the year, we also often hold crowds of fans eager to see their favourite act. The venues 14 “backstage” meeting rooms double up as dressing rooms during live entertainment and their walls are adorned with amazing photographs of stars that have previously graced the venues stage including Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, BB King and more recent acts such as The Killers and Lily Allen. Continue reading

Use Twitter to help your conference

Twitter LogoOne of the largest social media platforms for businesses to market their activities would be twitter however, it’s important to use it in creative ways to stand out from the 554,750,000 users currently on twitter.

A key method of linking information to followers is through Hasghtags, it may seem simple however the power behind this little symbol can often be overlooked. It enables tweets to be far more accessible to the wider social network and twitter accounts who aren’t followers will be able to “stumble” upon tweets more often. Continue reading