To Network or Not to Network?

This morning I attended the Juice 107 Breakfast networking meeting at Brighton Racecourse. It’s always a good fun morning, hosted by Juice with a scrummy breakfast provided. The morning starts with a half hour of chatting and networking over a coffee before all being seated and then the fun begins with a few quick words from supporters and sponsors.

This morning we also were treated to an hysterical ‘experiment’ by the team from ‘Let’s Do Business’ who sat 4 ‘volunteers’ down across 4 strategically placed chairs, which involved each participant lying down across the others lap and then the chairs being slowly taken away….. They were then essentially supporting each other….for a short time before they all ended up in a heap on the floor!

It’s a great way to meet other businesses in the City and come together to talk about how we can all do business together.

Last week I also attended the Brighton Business Networking Curry Club, which runs every second Tuesday of the month. The event runs along a similar format, albeit in the evening with a cheeky glass of wine and a tasty curry.

Hosted by Sussex County Cricket Club there are a plethora of local businesses attend and lots of networking to be done. This last Curry Club was the 3rd birthday of the event and tasty cupcakes were provided to celebrate along with some entertainments and a good time was had by all with lots of connections made.

We seem to have a growing number of businesses in the City who are happy to network and learn about each others business which I think is one reason why Brighton is such a strong business proposition to clients. The more we understand about each others needs, the better we can work together and the better proposition we can offer to our clients coming to the City.


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