What a Year!

Well, 2012 certainly went by in a flash. It’s amazing that Christmas is just around the corner, although we all know it appears every twelve months, but somehow I’m always surprised by it!

I’ve been back in my role as Sales Manager here at the Brighton Centre since we hosted the Liberal Democrats Annual Conference in September. The other few months I was very busy being Mum to two baby girls. However, that’s a different kind of busy!

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Recycle: to convert (waste) into reusable material

A hot topic in the UK at the moment is the idea of green lifestyles, eco companies and using renewable technologies. At the Brighton Centre, we think this goes beyond the energy we consume, to the buildings within which we work and live.

 You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Brighton & Hove is ranked within the top 5 greenest cities in the UK. With this comes great responsibility to ensure our City keeps its place in the leader boards, as well as prove itself to a national and global audience.

As you may or may not know, last year we underwent a huge refurbishment project. “What’s so green about that?” I hear you ask. In our opinion, it’s the best form of recycling. We’re all used to recycling our rubbish, so why not extend this to our properties? Continue reading

Access All Areas

Since 1995, the Equality Act has helped to protect the rights of disabled people, preventing discrimination ensuring they are in equal positions in term of employment, education, as well as access to goods, services and facilities. This means that all venues must be DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) Compliant. 

We pride ourselves as one of the best purpose-built conference venues in the UK, and with this, we accept the responsibility to adapt our facilities accordingly, in order to meet the demands of the Equality Act.

As our General Manager, Howard Barden, recently explained: “At the Brighton Centre, our aim is to treat everyone as an equal, without persecution for differences or limitations. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the Centre meets the needs of the Equality Act and is DDA compliant. In regards to this, and in particular since our renovation, the feedback we have received has been excellent, and we look forward to continuing this theme and developing the Centre to provide equal opportunities for all.” Continue reading