It is always nice to see an old face return to the Centre for their annual conference, especially when they have been as long-serving as the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union.

The PCS Conference has taken place at the Brighton Centre for many years; even in our difficult times leading up to the refurbishment before anything was set in stone. When we were given the chance to upgrade our tired-looking venue, not only were we excited for ourselves, but we were excited to be able to share it with our faithful and committed clients who return year-on-year.

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Tips to make the most of your time at Conference pt. 2: Social Events

We really enjoyed putting together our tips fora successful time away at conference so we’ve put our heads back together to think purely about how to get the most out of social events.

One of the main reasons that people site for attending a conference is the networking opportunities; making the social events more than just a drinking session! I remember being at an ICCA event years ago and being told that you will find out more from conference during your time at the bar then at sessions and you know what, it’s true. Peoples barriers come down in more social atmospheres be it over breakfast in the hotel or a glass of wine at a gala dinner so check out the tips below fora successful time at your networking events or gala dinner. Remember to read the conference tips first too as they also apply to this situation but mainly these are the ones that are the most important to keep in mind when at a social event;

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Whilst our location is often noted as a unique and highly attractive feature that sets us apart from other venues, we have to argue that we have a better quality still…our workforce.

Impossible to measure and to explain on paper, the tremendous service our staff provide, so we are told, is the main reason we see so many repeat bookings at the venue. But, unlike our fantastic location, it has to be experienced to be believed. It’s hard to illustrate on our brochure.

To help prove our worth and to get official recognition for our performance, we are working towards the M&IT award’s Best Conference and Banqueting Staff, as we feel we would be very worthy winners.  We have actually never won an award before, because, prior to our refurbishment, we didn’t think we stood much of a chance. We believe our staff deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication, and now that we have the good looking venue to match the staff – a win would make our year!

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