Tesco’s Wine Fair Returns

Working at the Brighton Centre, we are lucky enough to get a real mix of events, experiencing key moments in history during party conferences, as well as a mix of other interesting conferences and exhibitions. Adding some more variety to the mix, we are pleased to welcome back the Tesco Wine Fair for the second consecutive year.

The Tesco Wine Fair will be bustling this Saturday and Sunday as we’re looking forward to seeing more than 1,000 visitors indulge in a range of tipples from all corners of the world. With hundreds of wines on offer, guests will be able to sample and compare wines specific to their personal tastes,oreven try something new.

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Tips to make the most of your time at Conference

It’s so easy over summer, be it thanks to the extreme planning of the school holidays, too much sunshine (we wish) or general time away from the office, to fall out of swing with work.

After a summer of maintenance in the venue and lots of fresh paint we’ve just spent the last week hosting the TUC Congress 2012 and what a jolt back to reality it was; hosting such a huge conference with 1,000’s of delegates with press eyes firmly fixed on what is being discussed in our main Auditorium. I am of course delighted to say that conference was a great success and the staff here once again excelled in the planning and delivery of the event. Continue reading


For our faithful followers, you may have noticed by now the theme of our advertising campaign, celebrating our wonderful staff who make the Brighton Centre….well, the Brighton Centre.

Our latest ad featuring in Conference News (p.48) shows the lovely Alan Crooks who works in communications. Alan has worked at the Centre ever since it opened. Initially employed by BT, Alan’s office was here at the venue, running the communications side of exhibitions and conferences across the whole of the City. Knowing the Centre, and many other venues, inside and out, Alan has helped co-ordinate many of the big conferences. He’s worked on every single political party conference that has ever come to the Brighton Centre. That makes him a real pro!

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For those of you following our advertising series, each offers an insight into the lives of our fabulous staff – the life and soul of the Brighton Centre.

The third in our series showcases the wonderful Mike Cooper, Electrical Technician come Mountain climber and is featured in this month’s M&IT (page 85). As an electrical technician, Mike works across many platforms and has made flexibility his middle name. His role covers the maintenance of the building, helping to set up conferences and build exhibitions, rigging and de-rigging bands, performing electrical trickery, installing ice rinks and helping to set-up and move MRI machines and helicopters. Mike on one occasion even played host to a team of Daleks! (He keenly also informs us that from time-to-time, he gets a chance to sit down at his desk and use his computer – we know which he prefers though.)

Outside of work, Mike is a member of the Brighton Explorer’s Club, which results in him getting stuck in mines, mountains and caves on a regular basis. With climbing being a very active hobby, Mike is able to bring his bravery, accuracy and determination skills into the workplace, Prepared to courageously climb up high to rig up complex set-ups, Mike enjoys the varied role that his job brings and is willing to throw himself into any project to meet our clients expectations.

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