Welcome Caroline!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new team member joining us on Monday.

Caroline Mason (formally Godfrey – she got married in August – congrats!) has worked for Brighton & Hove City Council for a few years now and is coming to us from VisitBrighton, where she has been working full time for the past year.

Caroline will be a wonderful asset to our Sales Team. We’ve heard from our colleagues over at VB that she has fantastic admin skills including frontline work, dealing with customers face to face and via the telephone/email, she manages her own workloads, prioritises well, and can work well under pressure and to deadlines; to round it off she basically delivers excellent customer care and this for us, is what stands out and why we can’t wait to have her here.

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Keeping Your Promises…

When we were in the middle of our million pound refurb last year, we were still busy talking with conference organisers about the prospects of hosting their event in our soon to be spruced-up venue.

We knew that we had to convince organisers to buy into our vision, and trust us that the venue would deliver on everything we said it would.  That took a heap of confidence on their part, but we’re delighted and very satisfied to say that those organiser who did confirm with us when, the BC did not look its greatest, are being rewarded.

Take the Association of British Neurologists (ABN) as an example.

Our refurb was far from complete when the ABN signed up to host their Annual Conference at the Centre. Rightly, they paid numerous visits to the venue to check on the progress of works, and make sure everything was progressing on schedule and that we’d be ready for their event in May of this year.

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Psychology of Colour

There’s a great article in this month’s Conference News (pg 22 – 26) about your personal brand and how this can help get you further in the industry. Creating a ‘’look’’ for yourself can most certainly get you remember but equally understanding how to dress for clients. In that blurry eyed, morning state you need to be thinking about your day ahead; the choice you make regarding the days attire does have an important influence.

Now, I’m not a morning person so always lay my clothes out the night before, thinking really carefully about who I am meeting and what they will expect of me. Always ensuring I dress to reflect this and secure a positive reaction in that all important first impression is vital, especially as a young twentysomething female when meeting with my peers and people so high up in their field. But what is my brand? Well… if you took a look under my desk you’d click pretty quickly. There are about 10 pairs of incredibly high heeled shoes and none of them are black but instead each different colour of the rainbow or with a stand out prints or pattern. High shoes are definitely my signature look – it is now expected of me at work and amongst my colleagues in Brighton, if I wear flats people look at me with shock… that and if I am not wearing black. So according to the colour chart in the piece for CN (pg 26) my choice to always be in black means I am giving off vibes of; elegance, authority, sophistication, mystery and dignity – I can live with that.

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As you may have seen from our first in the advert series, our latest campaign doesn’t simply focus on our attributes as a venue, but instead celebrates our staff. The second in the series showcases Bruno Esteves, one of our dedicated venue services team.

As anyone within the events industry will know, every magazine targeting organisers and association heads in the UK will see plenty of adverts and profiles for various venues, all claiming to offer similar services and facilities, which, can become repetitive and hard to distinguish between. Despite our newly polished interior, we have decided we have a better features to offer – one that very few people could beat – the staff who make up the Brighton Centre family.

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