Whenever we receive testimonials from our clients, one of the reoccurring trends is positive feedback about our staff. We are very proud of our staff here and many of us have great long term working relationships with our clients and strive to build and maintain this connection with our new piers. We believe this is a key factor in creating and producing a successful event here at the Brighton Centre. We have some amazing testimonials from our happy clients, which gives us great confidence and creates beaming smiles, only encouraging us to continue doing our job to the best of our ability. This is one of the main reasons we’ve decided to make them a key feature in our latest advertising campaign. Continue reading

Council of Europe takes centre stage

It has been a positive few months since the reveal of the ‘brand new’ Brighton Centre post the refurbishment, which was
For those less familiar, the Council of Europe brings together 47 member states, representing over 800 million citizens, to discuss some of the most important topics and reforms within Europe. Each country in turn chairs the presidency of the Council. The recent meeting which was hosted at the Centre was one of the most significant of our reign as the term came to a close.completed in January. Firstly we secured the Labour Party Conference for 2013, and then we were invited to host the penultimate Council of Europe meeting in April 2012.

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Tips for a successful site visit

Louise showing clients the Brighton CentreWith all the praise and hype surrounding the Ultimate Site Visit last month we wanted to take some time to think about what makes a ‘’normal’’ site visit successful as our client site visits are extremely important to us; it is our chance to showcase the Brighton Centre as the perfect venue for your event.

We have been successful for many years now in impressing our clients, establishing good working relationships, maintaining long-standing events and constantly improving standards within the venue. Alongside this we believe our staff continue to offer and provide the best service beyond expectation (please see our testimonials for evidence!) all with a venue that everyone thought was tired and ready to be knocked down.

But following our much spoken about on-going refurbishment programme, we now think we have an amazing venue to show off to the conference world and its organisers a like, and where does that start? The site visit.

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