The Ultimate Site Visit Goes Mobile

With less than a month to go until the Brighton Centre’s innovative ‘Ultimate Site Visit’ on the 21st of  its impressive £1m refurbishment. We are delighted to announce that Insight Mobile will be launching a new app to support the upcoming event.June, the Centre is preparing to showcase

The app we have developed allows the Brighton Centre to communicate directly with visitors on the day of the event wherever they are on site. The app also offers a number of inventive ways to enhance the interactive nature of the Ultimate Site visit through visitor participation via the application, as well as the ability to gather feedback after the day.

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Travel with Ease

Why Brighton over London?

London is often thought of as the hub for all business conferences and exhibitions, due to the convenience and accessibility. This often means that other locations, such as Brighton, are sadly overlooked.

Due to the accessibility of the City, Brighton offers great potential as a major player in the business world. With increased stresses on the London travel network, Brighton is becoming a far more appealing option for many. Continue reading

Sussex Signs Gets Ready for Ultimate Site Visit

The Sussex Sign Company has worked with the Brighton Centre for three years now, supplying a range of different signage and graphics to the Centre including extra-large banners. Due to our continued relationship, we are proud to have been asked to become a Brighton Centre partner for the upcoming Ultimate Site Visit event, and will be supplying all of their signs.

The Sussex Sign Company has become renowned for high quality sign making, but not only this, we also provide a vehicle wrapping facility, unlike many other signage companies. This makes it easy for our customers to get the complete package from one single company. It also enables us to ensure that your company’s profile and appearance is matched across your entire company.

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Brighton Centre Head Chef Becomes World Master Chef

It is with great delight that we can now announce that Dan Loader, the Brighton Centre’s Head Chef, is formally recognised as a true Master Chef.

Working with our caterers, Kudos, Dan joined the Brighton Centre team as a Sous Chef just over a year ago. Working up to head chef, Dan has now been given a prestigious new title and recognition by the World Master Chef Society – acknowledging his hard work, passion and the determination he has shown to his food and menus.

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What a difference a renovation makes….

This year, the Brighton Centre celebrates its 35th birthday, and to accompany this, has recently benefited from a £1m refurbishment.

As one of the UK’s largest and most prominent conference and exhibition venues in the region, the Brighton Centre is fundamental to the economic performance of the local area. Bringing key business to the areas, we help to stimulate business within Brighton, as well as help put Brighton back on the UK business map. Continue reading